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MechBuilder for MechWarrior Online

August 2013

The latest patch changed something in the xml files, again. So there is now a patch that can parse the latest version of game files.

August 2013

I just finished updating the heat calculation. Is should now take the heat scale penalty systems on alpha strikes (or just firing a lot of weapons in short time) in to account. More information on the mechanism itself you can find here: on the mwomercs forum.

I'm guessing that this mechanism might see some changes in the game (as it has a big impact on certain mech builds), so I dont know how definitive it is. But for now the program returns the same values as the official examples and does what I expect in all other situations that I've tested.

July 2013

Just a quick notice: I've uploaded a patch for the latest parsing problems. So if you were unable to parse the game files due to the latest patches this week, this should now be solved with 1.2.4.

New note, there is now a 1.2.6 version that solves issues with the latest patch. Some changes to the language files broke my parser, but it is up and running again so go to the downloads and grab it.

New tool available: Drive Space Mapper

July 2012

Finally, a new version of the Scrolling LED Gif Generator. Two new things: a new plugin and I've dabled in theming the application, so you can now choose between the original light blue theme, and a dark theme.

June 2011

Released a new tool: Drive Space Mapper. You can use it to scan a drive and find where all the disk space has gone to. It has both a pie chart and a TreeMap for visualization (TreeMap has 2 levels depth), so there are plenty of ways to find the large files/folders. It is still in beta, mostly because I haven't written a help file yet. Any full release should have a help file I think. Until that time, version 0.9.2 is available for your download pleasure.

Scrolling LED Gif Generator released

May 2011

Version 4.0.0 is now ready for your download.

Update of Comic Book Archive Reader

Released new version of Comic Book Archive Reader: 0.9.4. Go here to see more details about the new version.

April 2011

As of now, the Scrolling LED Bitmap Generator is no more, and you can now only download the Scrolling LED Gif Generator. It has been a long time since the last stable version was released, but finally, I believe the new version to be just as good, if not better. Go here to see more about it.

Site Updated

 Mar 2011

I've decided to rebuild my whole website. Out with the old, in with the new. Therefor a warning: old links might be changed in the future, so don't be surprised if you are using an old link.

Now on to other news, I've started on a complete rebuild of the Scrolling LED Bitmap Generator, renaming it to Scrolling LED Gif Generator. *hits forehead with palm* I know, not much improvement in the name department, but I don't care.

For now I will only say that it is a grounds up rebuild, still in alpha (I got enough bugs to figure out myself), with some new features and most important: a simplified UI. Although I have to admit (technobabble alert), I'm using WPF now and it allows for some slick stuff :D. Go here for more information.

I've also added a new project: Comic Book Archive Reader. It allows you to read .cbr / .cbz files without needing to unpack them first. It is still in beta (there is an issue with the first page upon opening), but you can grab it here.