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What does it do?

Comic book archives (.cbr or .cbz) are files containing comics. Internally these are compressed folders (using zip or rar, and changing the extension of the compressed file) containing images. This allows you to keep the group of images together in one handy format, without running the risk of loosing some pages.

Version 0.9.4 Released

Version 0.9.4 Just got released. Still in beta but there are a few improvements:

  • Added 'overview' screen upon opening. This shows all the pages in large thumbnails. You can turn this overview on/off in the settings.
  • Added option to create your own Comic book archive file (currently only .cbz supported).
  • Tools button added, this contains a popup menu that will also allow access to the settings.
  • Due to the use of the 'overview' screen, the problem with the corrupted first page seems to be gone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but this seems to be a working fix.

Version 0.9.3 release

Version 0.9.3 is now available. As you can see from the version number it is still in beta. There is 1 known issue: when opening a file, the firs page is automatically displayed, in 50% of the cases, the main image is corrupted. However going forward and back again shows the correct image. The thumbnail is also always correct.

I'm still investigating what is going on, but you can download the version already if you wish. Download here.