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Drive Space Mapper

The Drive Space Mapper is a tool that shows which files/folders are taking up the space on a disk drive. You select a drive (or folder) to be scanned, and get information which folders/files take up the most space. This information can be visualized as a TreeMap (see screenshot below), Pie chart, Top 10 or a regular list.

Screenshot Drive Space Mapper Main Window

You can go to the download page here to get the application. Current version is 0.9.2

Although it is not a 1.something version yet, the main reason for not a full release is that I haven't written a help file yet. I don't consider a program fully ready until it has at least a rudimentary help file. Other than the help file it is works correctly as far as I know. Hint: if you do find something that doesn't work (or not as expected), let me know. The email address is at the bottom of this page.

Some features:

  • TreeMap. Through the configuration you can sort this based on size, name or date last modification. The screenshot is sorted on size.
  • Pie chart: every file/folder on the selected level is displayed as a pie in a pie chart, easily picking out the large files/folders.
  • Tabbed interface. Have one scan running, while looking in another tab to see where your disk space has gone.
  • Export data to XML or csv file so you can use it in other programs.